Serial thoughts on Trump getting elected president 


From the lobby of the Washington Post building this morning.

I normally write about places, not politics, but this was too significant not throw in my two cents. The following thoughts started running through my head as soon as I read the news when I woke up this morning:

1) The Rise of the Country Bumpkins (yes, I’m an elitist, sorry).

2) Never underestimate the anger of the down-on-their-luck, semi-educated heartland WASPs.

3) One of the last times the above segment will have their way, as they are an endangered species given demographic trends.

4) The Democratic Party have themselves to blame. A less controversial, slightly more likeable candidate would have won what should have been an easy race.

5) Midwest was the key. With the South, the coasts, and even with Florida you pretty much know where you stand. It’s when the factories close and the whole Great Lakes region moves from blue to red in protest (even though it wasn’t the Democrats that started the flight of jobs overseas, but never mind) that everything turns upside down.

6) How long before people realize the jobs are not leaving China and coming back to Detroit or Cleveland, Trump or not?

7) When will that “I’ve made a huge mistake” feeling set in?

8) The polling profession, or pollsters, or whatever they are called, should think long and hard about the space they are occupying on this earth. Strike two after Brexit.

9) Sure, the system really needed a big FU, but not just ANY FU?!

10) If we are actually deported, can I walk into my old office in Hong Kong like nothing happened?

11) The irony of protesting against economic decline brought about by global capitalism by voting for a (particularly inept and sleazy) global capitalist.

12) The disgruntled masses looked for a quick and easy solution to their problems – a shortcut. Trump isn’t that shortcut, nor are there any shortcuts.

13) DC is currently pushing for statehood. Why not go all the way and declare independence?

14) If Trump will really make America great again, could he please start with the DC metro?

15) I keep singing The Smiths song “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” in my head for some reason.

16) Every kombucha-sipping hipster who didn’t vote because they thought they were staging a noble protest of the system can go F themselves.

17) Voters for third party candidates, I admire your idealism, but it was time for pragmatism. Jill Stein voters, are you happy with the result?

18) Misogyny, fake university degrees, xenophobia, racism, bad business acumen, immigration fraud, inciting violence, lying, populism, vulgarism, hiding tax returns etc. are all fine, as long as it’s not “emails” god forbid.

19) Let’s see how much of the proposed lunacy will actually be implemented.

20) I thought the election was rigged. Oh wait, Trump won, so it’s not.

21) I’d never seen a First Lady naked before.

22) Let the s***storm begin!